Like most professionals, you probably love serving clients, but hate marketing your services.

Even though you recognize that marketing is important, you prefer to direct your time, energy and money into more personally satisfying aspects of your business operations.  I share your feelings.

It took me a long time to accept that marketing professional services was more than distasteful advertising and shameless self-promotion.

When we start to think of marketing as attracting more of the kinds of clients we love to serve, good things also start to happen.

If you really don’t like marketing, I’d like to help you attract more of the kinds of clients you want and deserve.

Even if you do like marketing your services….whether a little or a lot…perhaps I can help you attract more ideal clients and grow your business.

Marketing Is About Relationships … Not Shameless Self-Promotion

Despite what we see see and hear in the media … both online and offline … marketing is not about mindlessly pitching our products and shamelessly promoting ourselves and our services.

Marketing is about attracting and serving more ideal clients, the kinds of people we enjoy love to serve.

This means that marketing is about building relationships with potential clients … the same way that we develop rapport with new and existing clients.

Seldom do we establish rapport with strangers by shouting advertising messages at them. Nor do we build relationships with potential clients by aggressively pitching our services at them.

Whether trying to establish a relationship or build rapport with strangers, the best approach is to get to know these people … and help them get to know us.

As an experienced professional, you already understand how to develop and maintain mutually beneficial relationships with existing clients.

With professional coaching, you will learn how to develop and maintain the same kind of relationships with potential clients.

Conversation…Not Advertising & Sales Pitches

The best way to serve and satisfy clients is to engage them in conversation.

On the other hand, the least effective ways of serving clients is lecturing, or talking at them…instead of talking with them.

Not surprisingly, the best marketing engages potential clients in conversation. The least effective approach is to bombard potential clients with advertising and sales messages.

With professional coaching, you will learn how to engage potential clients in conversation…not shout marketing messages at them.

You Are Unique, But Not Alone

As service professionals, we are all distinctive.

No one else, anywhere in the world, has the same combination of skills, training and experience as you. This means that no one else delivers similar services exactly the way you do … or satisfies clients in your own distinctive manner.

There is however one area in which you are not unique.

Like you, millions of other service professionals prefer serving clients to marketing their services. But many of these individuals have effectively served and satisfied existing clients while at the same time attracting more of the kinds of clients they love to serve.

With professional coaching, you will learn from the successful marketing experience of other service professionals.

Instead of struggling on your own to develop marketing solutions for your unique situation, you can draw on the success experience of others, modifying their solutions to meet your needs.

Quit Wasting Resources…Start Attracting Clients

Haven’t you devoted enough time, energy and money to marketing that has not yet produced the results that you want?

Isn’t it time that you started to attract more of the kinds of clients that you want and deserve?

This professional coaching is more than a one-time quick marketing fix. It also delivers short-term and long-term benefits, valued at over $45,000, based on your investment of $750/month for a three-month coaching term.

Let’s schedule a free marketing strategy session to discuss your greatest marketing challenges and how to leverage these challenges into opportunities to attract more, perhaps better clients.

Call me direct (647) 524-0067, right now.

Or if you prefer, let me know when it would be convenient for me to call you and we can chat.

Let’s start your ongoing and sustainable flow of more and perhaps better clients.

I’d love to help…but let’s make it happen sooner, rather than later.

Haven’t you been waiting long enough to attract more clients?


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