A One-Day Social Media Marketing Workshop

March 31, 2012    Granada, Nicaragua


SESSION 1 ………….8:30 AM – 10:00 AM

Step 1: Build On Your Brand

  • what does your brand stand for?
  • what makes you different from the competition?
  • what benefits do clients/customers enjoy as result of dealing with you instead of the competition?

Step 2: Give More Than You Expect To Receive

  • people do not follow or connect with you in order to read your sales pitches
  • help your connections and followers learn from your knowledge, expertise and experience
  • preparing marketing communications that make the connection

By participating in this session, you will clarify what distinguishes your business from other businesses that are similar to yours. You will also identify how this distinction benefits clients.

The distinctiveness of your business and how you serve clients is key to all your marketing communications, including social media marketing.

As a result, you can use your social media marketing to present yourself as some one whose business can and does help clients.

This in turn will help you attract more ideal clients…those people you like to serve.


BREAK ………….10:00 AM – 10:30 AM (Refreshments Included


SESSION 2 ……10:30 AM – 12:00 Noon

Step 3: Understand That The Impossible Is Possible

  • if you think you can’t master social media marketing, you’re right.
  • if you think you can master social media marketing, you’re right
  • just because nobody else has done something, it doesn’t mean that it cannot be done

Step 4: Create A Playbook (and Revise It)

  • you need to have a plan
  • you need to have a plan for when the plan changes.

By participating in this session, you will identify how social media can be applied as a marketing strategy to help achieve your overall business goals.

You will also start working on your social media marketing plan , while ensuring that it is consistent and compatible with your overall marketing plan.


LUNCH …………12:00 Noon – 1:00 PM (Off-site)


SESSION 3 ………1:00 PM – 2:30 PM

Step 5. Keep It Real

  • social media is less scripted and less polished than conventional marketing communications
  • social media feels the way you interact with friends, it feels more real than promotional copy

By participating in this session you will learn how to plan and prepare conventional marketing communications and also social media posts that achieve the results that you want.

Step 6. Continuously Manage Your Social Media

  • selecting the right social media for your communications
  • you or some one who knows your business as well as you should write the content
  • who is going to post your content and monitor comments?

By participating in this session, you will learn the relative advantages and disadvantages of key social media marketing. You will then choose the right social media for you.

You will also develop your social media management strategy that will best achieve your marketing goals.


BREAK ………….2:30 PM – 3:00 PM (Refreshments Included)


SESSION 4 …….3:00 PM – 4:00 PM

Step 7:  Build In Partnership & PR Potential

  • if your idea is interesting or dramatic or provocative, potential partners and news media will want to jump on board
  • be ready, willing and able to respond to whatever unexpected opportunities that may arise

Step 8. Ride Your Social Media Wave–You Can’t Control It

  • social media an organic, moving, developing thing (influenced by online users)
  • using and applying it can be liberating and exhilarating.

By participating in this session, you prepare yourself to respond to whatever unplanned opportunities may arise from your social media marketing.

Like an experienced surfer, you will learn that even though you cannot control the social media wave that you create, you gain a great deal by riding it well.



Celebrate the successful completion of the workshop with the other participants. You will have earned it!

Additional Features

Marketing Performance Assessment

In preparation for the workshop, you are invited to complete a Marketing Performance Assessment.

By completing this assessment, you will identify specific marketing issues that might be preventing you from achieving better marketing results for your business.

On completion of the assessment, you can schedule a free laser coaching session prior to the workshop.

This will help you develop a strategy for successfully addressing and eliminating issues that might limit your marketing effectiveness.


To will receive a marketing workbook, prepared exclusively for this workshop.

At the workshop, you can record your own insights and observations in the workbook. This will help you learn and retain new marketing ideas and concepts.

After the workshop, the workbook will be a permanent marketing resource for you. This will help ensure the ongoing application and improvement of the new ideas and concepts that you will learn at the workshop.


Registration includes refreshments for the scheduled breaks.

With refreshments available on-site, you can take a break from training, relax and interact with other participants.

At the complimentary cocktail party after the workshop, you can join the other participants in celebrating your success.

Follow-up Coaching Support

Registration includes unlimited email support for 30 days after completion of the workshop.

This will ensure maximum effectiveness in applying your new ideas and concepts.

Registration Fee

  • pre-registration online $220 USD
  • registration at the door $225 USD Cash (if there space available)

Note: seating is limited with registration is on a first-come, first served basis.

To secure your place, register now. 

If all spaces are reserved prior to the workshop; registration at the door will not be available.

To register, click this “Add To Cart‘ Button:

Add to Cart
If you need further information before you decide, enter your comment in the ‘Leave A Reply‘ box below and I will respond the next business day after today.

If you are interested in the training, but have plans for March 31, contact me and I’ll get back to you so we can work something else out.


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