What It Is

This professional coaching combines the key features of marketing professional services, laser coaching and adult education.

Unlike mass marketing, which promotes the sale of commodities and consumer goods, marketing professional services is about attracting more and better clients.

Laser coaching focuses on key issues to be addressed. In terms of marketing professional services, these key issues would include:

  • obstacles that prevent individual service professionals from achieving the results they want
  • unique marketing challenges facing individual service professionals in their markets

Contemporary adult education is experience-based learning.  Experiential learning help individuals develop new understandings and acquire new skills based on their life and business experience.

Why It Was Developed

Most professionals love serving clients, but dislike marketing their services.

Even though they recognize that marketing is important, many prefer to direct their time, energy and money into more personally satisfying aspects of their business operations.

From the perspective of marketing professional services, this tension between serving and attracting clients is the major stumbling block to a continuous flow of new business.

This tension is also the factor that prevents many service professionals from growing their businesses to the higher level they want and deserve.

This coaching program was developed for one purpose and one purpose only: to help experienced service professionals learn and apply the appropriate techniques to generate more business…comfortably, effectively and continuously.

Service Professionals Who Will Benefit Most

Successfully marketing professional services depends upon a combination of two factors:

  1. professional competence, as indicated by certification of competence or a license practice the profession. This certification or license confirms individuals’ ability to complete an ongoing professional development or learning program.
  2. experience in serving clients. The more experienced the professional, the better the results that can be expected.

This coaching program is ideal for professionals with certified professional competence and a minimum of five years’ experience in helping clients in the same area of service.

The Coaching Program

The three-month term includes the following elements:

  • a current assessment, which will identify your marketing strengths, weaknesses and challenges
  • a personalized coaching program, which will address issues identified in the assessment.

To personalize their coaching program, individual clients will select 12 marketing themes (from a selection of 36 key professional service marketing themes) that are most relevant to their needs and unique marketing situations.

  • weekly telephone coaching sessions of 15-30 minutes, which will review the past week’s results and plan the following week’s actions.
  • resources:

In PDF format, these resources will serve as permanent marketing references to help ensure a continuous flow of new new clients.

  • unlimited e-mail support

Benefits That The Program Delivers

A three-month coaching term offers benefits valued at $45,000 or more. These benefits fall into one or more of the following categories:


Since the primary purpose of running a business is to return a profits to the owner for his or her investment, it is critical that the coaching program generate financial benefits that contribute to this profit. These financial benefits include:

  • more fee revenue from more clients
  • increased fee revenue arising from more repeat and referral business
  • 20% discount on repeat coaching engagements
  • more potentially billable time available, as a result of more time-efficient marketing
  • increased profitability as a result of money saved from more effective and efficient marketing


In addition to the tangible financial benefits, the coaching also offers a variety of intangible benefits, one category of which is emotional. The coaching program will help clients feel good about their businesses in one or more of the following ways:

  • 100% satisfaction guarantee, which will help reduce the concern of spending time, energy and money on a process that fails to satisfy
  • sense of achievement from generating more business…comfortably, effectively and continuously
  • increased self-confidence in successfully overcoming marketing challenges
  • increased peace of mind resulting from improved financial situation
  • increased time for non-marketing and non-business interests


Like all entrepreneurial undertakings, running a professional service business can be physically demanding. It takes a huge amount of time and energy. In fact, many people compare operating your own business to running a marathon.

Physical well-being, another intangible element is an important element of running a professional service business.

The coaching offers the following physical benefits:

  • reduced stress as a result of improved attracting more and perhaps better clients
  • reduced stress as a result of an improved more stable financial situation
  • fewer stress-driven illnesses as a result of reduced stress
  • increased energy for other aspects of clients’ business and personal lives


Many people find elements of spirituality in their work. For purposes of work-based spirituality, the term spirituality could be considered an experience that provides individuals with a senses of direction, meaning, inner wholeness and/or connectedness.

From this perspective, spiritual benefits of the coaching could include:

  • deeper connection to clients’ individual sense of purpose and direction
  • more and better connections with like-minded individuals through the Prostar virtual coaching system
  • increased sense of meaning, self-expression and self-fulfillment
  • satisfaction from helping others and making a difference in the lives of more clients

The Investment

Any allocation of resources, such as time, money and energy, is more than simply buying services.

It is an investment in self-improvement. And in the case of business owners investing in improving their marketing skills and expertise, this investment in self-improvement is also an investment in the future of their individual businesses.

  • pre-session preparation and post-session follow-up will require about 1 ½ hours. For purposes of time management, this time can be recorded as either or both of professional development and marketing.
  • the initial investment in the coaching program is $750/month for a three-month term
  • repeat clients will receive a 20% discount on fees
  • fees are payable monthly, on or before the first day of the coaching month
  • for non-Canadian clients, fees are payable in US Dollars, to be invoiced and paid through Paypal
  • for Canadian clients, fees are subject to HST or GST as applicable and are payable in Canadian Dollars through Interac bank transfer.

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