Professional service marketing is all about attracting new and better clients for your professional services.

The best relationships between professionals and their clients are totally subjective.

Prospective clients choose service professionals they believe to be trusted advisers… experts who will help solve them existing problems or achieve specific goals.

The major marketing challenge for service professionals is to present themselves as competent and trustworthy advisers.

However, whenever we claim admirable qualities for ourselves, our words are seen as shameless self-promotion or boasting. Each of these perceptions weaken our credibility.

As a result, service professionals must promote their individual competence and trustworthiness…but do this without the self-promotion and boasting elements commonly associated with conventional marketing and advertising.

‘Don’t Tell Them…Show Them’

The best professional service marketing is based on the adage ‘don’t tell them…show them’.

In practice this means, don’t tell prospective clients how competent and trustworthy you are…show them.

In a nutshell, that’s the purpose of this website: to help service professionals like you demonstrate your competence and trustworthiness, without resorting to the kind of self-promotion that most prospective clients find objectionable.

On the site, individual pages offer insights and observations based on my own experience and the marketing experience of other service professionals like us.

In my blog, I will comment on current and timely issues and how we can apply whatever new concepts these issues may offer.

Share And Engage

Whether in a web page or blog post, I will share my ideas and comments primarily to help you attract more and better clients.

These ideas and comments are also intended to encourage you to share your own insights and observations about professional service marketing.

Please feel free to use whatever tools and resources available on this site to share your ideas with others.

It is by sharing our ideas …and engaging in whatever discussion that may arise…that we gain the most from our individual experience marketing our professional services.


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