Strange as it may sound, in social media marketing, givers get more.

Few prospective clients go online looking for promotional content or sales pitches from service professionals.

A Trustworthy Online Presence

In most cases, these people are looking for help in understanding specific issues…issues that frequently fall within the areas of expertise of service professionals like you.

This means that for service professionals, the best marketing application of social media is to help prospective clients and others learn more about their areas of expertise. By taking this approach, you can position yourself as a credible expert in your field.

Seen as an expert, you can expect to attract more and better clients. You can also attract more referrals from network contacts and other referral sources.

To be seen as an expert in today’s online world, it is essential to maintain a trustworthy online presence. In addition to your own social media posts, this includes commenting on other people’s work and remaining connected to your online community.

Online, givers get more by adding value to the conversation than by promoting themselves and their services. They are engaged with their online communities…not simply pitching their services.

Why Givers Get More

The ease of communicating online continues to make its own significant contribution to information overload.

Most online marketing communications are little more than promotion and sales pitches.

As consumers, we are tired of being marketed to and pitched at. We try to screen out most of the advertising and commercial messages that are sent our way.

Even when a marketing message manages to capture our attention, we are sceptical of the content. We have been lied to so often and by so many people that few of us honestly believe commercial messages.

This scepticism is especially true regarding online communications.

Free of editorial guidance and direction, many people can and do publish online whatever they want, however they want, regardless of accuracy truth or quality.

Givers get more by adding value, not just more online noise.

By adding value, they stand out from the crowd…and attract more new business.

How Givers Get More

One of the best ways to add value online is to add value to other people’s blog or social media content.

Many people believe that about 10% of readers comment on web and social media content.

Further, only 1% of all comments offer valuable insights and observations.

When commenting on other people’s content, the ultimate goal is to become part of the 1% that offers valuable insights and observations.

Here’s how.

  1. always leave your real name and if appropriate, your business name. Without your real name, how will you benefit from your comments
  2. listen to the conversations before commenting. Identify what is acceptable and unacceptable
  3. start small with small positive actions to introduce yourself
  4. once you have become known in the community, start to comment on content that relates to your service
  5. don’t link your comments to your stuff…leave those links in your profile
  6. when you start to become known in the community, lead with a new initiative: start or moderate a forum, help others whenever you can…without being pushy or intrusive
  7. be yourself and 100% honest
  8. add real value to all of your comments and content

Be ready to profit from your online presence. Once you have established a credible presence you will be seen as a expert in your field.

By giving more that you get, you become part of a supportive community.

Being part of the community offers two significant benefits. First, you are seen as an expert in your filed. And second you an develop mutually beneficial relationships with like-minded people.

These community-related driven benefits will generate new business for you.

There simply is no better way to attract more and better clients.


This is content represents Step 2 of 8 Steps To Successful Social Media Marketing For Service Professionals.

The 8 steps are:

Step 1: Build On Your Brand

  • what does your brand stand for?
  • what makes you different from the competition?
  • what benefits do clients/customers enjoy as result of dealing with you instead of the competition?

To learn more about applying your brand to social media marketing, see Developing Your Professional Service Brand.

Step 2: Give More Than You Expect To Receive

  • people do not follow or connect with you in order to read your sales pitches
  • help your connections and followers learn from your knowledge, expertise and experience
  • preparing marketing communications that make the connection

To learn more about giving more than you expect to receive, see Givers Get More in Social Media Marketing.

Step 3: Understand That The Impossible Is Possible

  • if you think you can’t master social media marketing, you’re right.
  • if you think you can master social media marketing, you’re right
  • just because nobody else has done some specific thing it, it doesn’t mean it’s impossible

To learn more about how the impossible can be possible, see With Social Media Marketing, The Impossible Is Possible.

Step 4: Create A Playbook (And Be Prepared To Revise It)

  • you need to have a plan
  • you need to have a plan for when the plan changes.

To learn more about preparing your social media marketing plan, see Your Social Media Marketing Plan.

Step 5. Keep It Real

  • social media is less scripted and less polished than conventional marketing communications
  • social media feels the way you interact with friends, it feels more real than promotional copy

To learn more about keeping your social media content real, see The Secret of Social Media Marketing Success.

Step 6. Manage Your Social Media Continuously

  • selecting the right social media for your communications
  • you or some one who knows your business as well as you should write the content
  • who is going to post your content and monitor comments?

To learn more about managing your social media, see Manage Your Social Media Continuously.

Step 7. Build In Partnership & PR Potential

  • if your idea is interesting or dramatic or provocative, potential partners and news media will want to jump on board
  • be ready, willing and able to respond to whatever unexpected opportunities that may arise

To learn more about building in Partnership and PR Potential, see Social Media Partnership and PR Potential.

Step 8. Ride Your Social Media Wave–You Can’t Control It

  • Social media an organic, moving, developing thing (influenced by online users)
  • using and applying it can be liberating and exhilarating.

To learn more about riding your social media wave, see Ride Your Social Media Wave.



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