From a marketing perspective, for the best social media content, the key is to keep it real.

Social media is less scripted and less polished than conventional marketing communications. It feels the way you interact with friends. It also feels more real than promotional copy

Tell Your Story…Honestly and Accurately

Social media has generated unprecedented transparency in online communications…personal and business alike.

Those of us who regularly use the Internet know that just because information appears online, it is not necessarily honest…nor is it always accurate.

This reality is particularly true in the case of online video.

Professional video producers continue to post untold hours of smooth, slick video online

But the most popular video segments are those small YouTube segments posted by amateurs who are knowledgeable and passionate about their individual interests.

Even though the technical quality of YouTube videos is seldom award-winning, when passionate people use video to help us learn and understand a new idea or concept, we tend to believe them.

The truth of online information depends upon the source of the information.

By ensuring that all of your online communications are 100% honest and accurate, not only can you become a trusted online source, you can also develop a network of other trusted sources which can confirm the validity of your information.

With this increased online credibility, you will be well-positioned to attract more of the kinds of clients that you like to serve.

Few of us knowingly provide our closest friends and relatives with misleading information…why do it online?

8 Business Uses Of Video

Online video, whether posted on YouTube or directly on your own website, offers an excellent opportunity to provide honest and accurate content.

If you have never thought of using online video, here are 8 possible applications for your consideration.

1. Customer/Client Connection

  • testimonials from satisfied customers or clients
  • success stories outlining how you have helped customers or clients
  • case studies of how you have helped customers or clients solve problems and pursue new opportunities
  • interviews with experts that enhance your credibility

2. Showcase Your Products/Services

  • demonstrations
  • presentations
  • third party reviews

3. Corporate Communications

  • audio-video representation of your brand and brand promise
  • explanation/presentation of new or existing service areas
  • recruitment new employees or strategic partners

4. Training and Support

  • upgrade staff skills, knowledge
  • available on demand, wherever there is Internet access
  • pod-casting

5. Internal Communications

  • new developments
  • request input and suggestions

6. Adverting/Marketing/Promotion

  • help potential customers understand the benefits of individual features of your products and services

7. Public Relations/Community Relations

  • help spread the word about your client service
  • promote your favourite community cause

8. Special Event Video

  • round table discussions
  • internet broadcasting
  • share live events with people who could not attend in person

Starting To Use YouTube

  1. From the above list 8 Business Uses Of Video, select a use for your first video.
  2. What do you want to accomplish with your first video? How will this help you achieve your marketing and/or business goals?
  3. What format are you going to use for your video?
  • One-person presentation
  • Panel discussion
  • interview
  • slide show
  • etc.
  1. If you haven’t already done so, create your YouTube account and channel.
  2. Upload your video to YouTube
  3. Share your video on Facebook, LinkedIn and/or Twitter.

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