Social media partnership & public relations help expand your network of like-minded people.

Remember that like-minded people include more than media and potential partners.

If your idea is interesting, dramatic or provocative, potential partners and news media will want to jump on board.

To make the most of this potential, don’t tell potential partners and news media what you plan to do with social media: show them what you are doing.

Get your social media applications up and running, with enough quality, informative posts to establish a pattern for what will follow.

In anticipation of connecting with potential partners and media people, keep the following guidelines in mind.

The Hi 5 of Attracting Partners and Public Relations Attention

1. Do Your Homework

For purposes of social media marketing, your homework consists of continuing to understand your market, including its ongoing changes and developments.

Not only will this help you become and remain an expert, it will help you identify other key figures in your market. These key figures could include:

  • potential clients
  • competitors
  • non-competing businesses that also serve your ideal clients
  • influencers such as public figures, members of the media, writers, speakers, educators

2. The Same Old Same Old Can Be Newsworthy

The more immersed that we become in an issue or an activity, the more familiar it becomes.

After a while the concept begins to lose its novelty, often to the point that we find ourselves becoming bored with it. From this perspective, we may find ourselves believing that since we are so familiar with our once-new concept, everyone else must know about it.

When this happens, review your homework and recheck your market research.

If there is little or no reference to your concept, it is probably newsworthy.

Even if there are references to your concept, how can you present it in a different manner that makes it new and interesting?

3. What Appears Newsworthy Can Be The Same Old, Same Old

Just because something is new and exciting to you, it does not mean that it’s new and exciting to others.

If this happens, once again review your homework and recheck your market research.

If there is little or no reference to your concept, it may still be newsworthy.

On the other hand, if there are many references to your concept, how can you present it in a new and interesting way?

4. Target Your Audience

Once you have decided that a new concept or information is truly newsworthy, keep in mind that it is unlikely to be of interest to everyone you know …and to everyone who knows you.

Before firing off that email blast to everyone whose name appears in your directory, consider the following questions:

  • which of your contacts might be interested in your news?
  • why might they be interested in reading what you want to tell them?

Generally speaking media people are interested in new ideas and concepts that will in turn interest their targeted readers.

Potential clients and partners tend to be interested in new ideas that will help them either or both of solve specific problems and achieve personal or business goals.

5. Focus Your Message

To attract the attention of media people and potential partners, follow the same approach to attracting potential clients.

Relying on your personal and professional credibility, send honest and accurate messages that offer specific benefits.



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