With 15-Minute Marketing, once you have learned what you need to know…after your first 15 minute session…you can apply what you have learned, but do it your way.

Instead of left wondering what to do with what you have learned, the 15-Minute Marketing process guides you through customizing your chosen strategy. Unlike standardized one-size-fits-all marketing solutions, the process will help you market your services your way.

Good Alone or In Company

Like a coffee break, 15-Minute Marketing can be effective alone, or in company.

If you choose to work through the material alone, you will probably complete the process more quickly with fewer distractions.

However, if you decide to work through the process with other members of your practice group or firm, you will benefit from the input and suggestions of like minded people.

Like good coffee, it doesn’t really matter whether you enjoy it alone or in company, with 15-Minute Marketing, it’s all good.

Permanent Marketing Resource

Unlike a coffee break the benefits of 15-Minute Marketing last far beyond the actual experience.

Your eBook will serve as a permanent marketing resource, ensuring an ongoing flow of new business. When it’s time to refresh your strategy, simply review the eBook for new ideas and insights.

Check out 15-Minute Marketing and start attracting more ideal clients. Enjoy great benefits from coffee-break sized time commitments.

Isn’t it time that you attracted more of the kinds of clients you love to serve?


The currently free book How To Market Professional Services will help you learn what you need to know to attract more clients.

The companion workbook … Professional Services Marketing Workbook … will help you learn how to apply what you need to know. In other words, it will help you learn to market your professional services your way.

Following the organization and structure of How To Market Professional Services, this workbook contains self-study exercises that will help you personalize the key elements of professional service marketing. As a result, you can base your marketing your strengths.

The self-study exercises will also help you customize the marketing elements for maximum effectiveness in your market.

As a result, drawing upon your strengths, you develop your own marketing solutions to your own unique market situation. This approach is much better than trying to apply standardized, one-size-fits-all marketing solutions. These approaches seldom work well for any one.

You can use this workbook either on its own or in combination with the book. If you like, the workbook can be used as part of a group study program. Choose whichever approach works best for you. You can improve your marketing know-how and skills, working on your own…or as part of a group. It’s your call.

Perhaps best of all the workbook, Professional Services Marketing Workbook is free. Grab your copy to today…start improving your marketing tomorrow.