In response to my post, The Win-Win Benefits Of Collaborative Professional Service Marketing, Susan Oakes commented:

“I agree with you Larry about collaboration.

It has many advantages especially when others have additional skills or experience. It is really like working in teams which is normal when you work in marketing in larger companies.”

Good point Susan, I totally agree, especially the last sentence.

Joining A Marketing Team

Referring back to my post about collaborative professional service marketing, in collaborating with TD Bank, I was in effect joining the bank’s marketing team on a temporary basis for a specific purpose. This approach allowed me to add my skills and expertise to the resources of the bank’s marketing team. Acting as a member of the team, I made my own contribution to delivering value added benefits to bank customers.

As it turned out, this was more than a win-win scenario. It was a win-win-win scenario. These wins went to the bank, its customers and me.

Attractive as this example is, it is not the only model for professional service marketing as a team sport. Any other business that does, or could, serve the same clients as you can become part of your marketing team.

Building My Own Marketing Team

In my case, there are a wide range of potential team members such as PR and social media consultants; graphic designer; copywriter; web designer; etc.

As team members, we would help each other with our marketing, each contributing his or her skills and resources, much as I did with the TD Bank marketing team. And to escalate this win-win situation into a win-win-win scenario, we would also use our skills and resources to helping each other’s clients.

To learn how a virtual marketing team can help you win big, check out Marketing Is A Team Sport.

This is a recently revised version of Chapter 9 of my book How To Market Professional Services.

While you are checking out this chapter, think about how you can contribute guest content, much like the section entitled “Why Hire A Marketing Coach?”. I’d be happy to give you the same space and credit that I gave Jaco Grobbelaar for his guest content.

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