Guess what? Spring’s here…and our winter-weary landscape is starting to refresh itself. Kind of like getting a new lease on life.

After a long winter, almost everything was starting to look tired and world-weary. Definitely time for renewal and refreshment.

Speaking of looking tired and world-weary, how is your personal brand surviving the wear and tear of the marketplace?

Is it still as fresh and exciting as it was when you developed it? Or like the out-of-kilter picnic table, has it seen better days?

If your brand is basically sound, but has lost its shine and sparkle, maybe it’s time to refresh it.

Provided your brand continues to distinguish you from the competition, you do not need a total brand makeover. Some minor tweaking to the visual elements of your brand can refresh your image, just as a new spring wardrobe helps us look, and feel better.

If you don’t have a logo, try adding an image to present a more contemporary look. Or maybe modify the look and feel of your website and marketing materials.

The purpose of refreshing your brand is not to reinvent yourself. Ideally, refreshing your brand will confirm your brand promise while boosting your profile in the marketplace.

Sometimes the simplest modifications make a huge difference.