Yes, strange as that may appear, overabundance has been my biggest marketing challenge.

Abundance Of Opportunities

As a lifelong learner, I continue to learn new ideas and concepts. Sometimes this learning comes from watching the world unfold around me. Other times it comes from my own experience, or listening to the experiences of others. And frequently, it also comes from formal learning and training programs or courses.

Several years ago, I took a university-level course in adult education. Based on the principles of experiential learning, this six-module program outlined the connection between our experiences, what we could learn from them and applying the lessons learned.

What a breakthrough for a chronic people-watcher and observer of life and continuous learner!

After the fourth module, I was eagerly applying the lessons learned and mentally making recommendations for how family, friends and strangers alike could enjoy a better life if only they would apply the lessons from their experiences.

My most recent educational program was an online business course offered by the University of Virginia, through Coursera. (If you don’t know Coursera, check it out…it’s awesome!) On completion of the course, Grow To Greatness, I saw the opportunity to create a coaching program based on the principles of the course.

So off I went on my typical response of immediately applying what I had just learned…and started designing the program.

The Path Of Least Resistance

Why is an abundance of opportunities so problematic for me?

Along with my love of learning and applying life’s lessons, I have also been blessed with a wide range of gifts that made it reasonable and possible to pursue an equally wide range of opportunities.

When I look back at my career, it now appears that these gifts have been as much of a curse as they have been a blessing.

On far too many occasions, noticing that the grass was greener on the other side of the fence, I chose what appeared to be the path of least resistance and jumped the fence.


It’s now apparent that choosing the greener grass was selecting the wrong path of least resistance.

The right path of least resistance draws us to our personal and business goals. It’s what attracts us to where we want to be…not distract us from where we would prefer not to be.

Having identified the problematic aspect of overabundance, applying this lesson is fairly straight forward.

While recognizing and rejoicing in the overabundance of opportunities that continue to flow, the key is to stay the course. Instead of becoming distracted from a less desirable situation, it’s better to build the momentum that will lead to the ultimate achievement of to our ultimate personal and business goals.

At that time, we can revel in the overabundance of opportunities…or maybe not.