As well as being great connectors, social media comments also offer the opportunity to add value to other marketing communications.

Here’s an example of what I mean.

Yesterday, Lindsay Bodkin posted this comment in response to one of my comments on LinkedIn:

“Larry, I think your comments are dead on. What strategy do you suggest when navigating the changing landscape of marketing? How do you track results? What has worked for you and what doesn’t?” (For the discussion, click here)

Good questions Lindsay, thank you.

Since Lindsay’s questions are neither unique nor personal to her, I decided to use them as the basis for a blog post. Ideally, this approach will allow readers of my blog to also benefit from these social media comments.

Question: What strategy do you suggest when navigating the changing landscape of marketing?

Whenever I become aware of something new in marketing, I do some ‘quick and dirty’ research to get a sense of the new development and how it works. This is usually enough to trigger my intuition which gives me a sense of its potential.

For example, when I first heard of Pinterest, I checked it out and intuitively decided that while it certainly has marketing potential, it probably has limited application for professional service marketing. So at that time, I took a pass on Pinterest.

Question: How do you track results?

In most cases I track results informally, relying on my own powers of observation. I prefer to keep things simple.

Again using Pinterest as an example, in monitoring and engaging in online conversations, I would keep an eye out for discussions and comments about Pinterest. From the time of my first introduction to Pinterest, no mentions of it jumped off the screen and caught my attention. This helped confirm my initial intuitive response that Pinterest probably had little if any application to marketing professional services.

But that was then, this is now.

Yesterday, Nathan Yerian submitted a Pinterest-related post to my LinkedIn group, Best Marketing Practices for Service Professionals. In his post, Nathan suggested 6 Ways To Market Your Business on Pinterest.

Yes the universe certainly does operate in mysterious and wonderful ways.

Now, thanks to Nathan’s excellent post, which in turn is the result of my informal monitoring new marketing developments, Pinterest will be incorporated into my continuously updating social media marketing plan.

In this post, my intention was to illustrate how I navigate the changing landscape of marketing.

In upcoming posts I will address how my informal monitoring approach works in tracking marketing results and also Lindsay’s third question.

Stay tuned…more to come.