If you love serving clients, but hate marketing…or are too busy to market … help is on the way.

Too many professionals see marketing as shameless self-promotion and aggressively pitching their services. Perhaps the norm in other businesses, these techniques don’t help market professional services.

Marketing professional services is about generating more new business.

There are two primary sources of new business.

The best source is repeat business from current and past clients.

The next best source is referrals from friends and family, clients and contacts.

Along with six other experienced professionals I am developing a website that help you learn what you need to know to generate more repeat and referral business. Watch for the launch of this site, coming soon.

If however, you enjoy marketing professional services, and want to join participate in the development, let me know. Experienced professionals are always welcome.


Earlier this week, my blog post WANTED: 6 Professionals Who Want More Ideal Clients outlined some major upgrades that I made in my ongoing coaching program.

Essentially these upgrades involved adding a structured, customizable process to the coaching. This process is based on my new book How To Market Professional Service, its companion workbook and other supplementary resources.

These upgrades have increased the value of the coaching service by at least 50%.

The purpose of my blog post was to invite motivated professionals to help me test the upgrades. This means that participating professionals would enjoy the increased value from the added features but would pay only the existing fee for the coaching.

Mea Culpa

Unfortunately, my post did not specify that the coaching service, the key element of the upgraded service, was on a fee-for-service basis.

As a result, several people thought the offer included free coaching and were disappointed to learn that the coaching was in fact on a fee-for-service basis.

I apologize for any misunderstanding that my blog post may have generated and also for any frustration or disappointment that this misunderstanding caused.


The silver lining to this misunderstanding is that I do in fact, offer free coaching. This free coaching is available to anyone who wants it, regardless of whether or not they even saw my earlier post.

The coaching starts with a free online marketing performance assessment. Once you complete the assessment, you will have the option of a free coaching session to help you apply the results of the assessment.

To learn more about this assessment, go to Your Marketing Performance Assessment: The First Step To Better Marketing.

This web page explains the rationale for the assessment. Towards the end of this explanation, there is a link to the assessment. And as set out above, once you have completed the assessment, you have the option of choosing a free coaching session, based on your assessment.

I look forward to chatting with you on the other side of your assessment.