You know that uncomfortable feeling you experience whenever you think about marketing?

Maybe it’s just a tingling little sensation of unpleasantness…or perhaps it’s a deep down visceral ‘I HATE marketing!”

Your discomfort with marketing need not be an insurmountable obstacle to successfully attracting new clients. The disconnect between what you like to do, which would be serving clients…and what you don’t like to do—marketing—could be considered the tension of marketing.

Like stress, tension can be a positive element in our lives. As the Institute for Productive Tension tells us:

“Just as the strings on a guitar must be tightened to produce a range of notes, Productive Tension results when we find the appropriate balance between too much tension and not enough, between the extremes of stress and complacency.”

The productive tension of marketing results when we strike a balance between too much marketing-generated stress and stubbornly ignoring anything to do with marketing.

In other words, we need the stress of continuing to generate new business to serve as the pressure that prevents us from defaulting to the self-created complacency of avoiding marketing.

To effectively manage this stress…or the productive tension of marketing…it’s helpful to re-frame marketing as an extension of client service.

In order to help with this re-framing process, I have recently launched a series of blog posts outlining the connection between ‘marketing’ and client service.

I invite you to join the conversation, share your experience and help others learn how to effectively manage the productive tension of marketing.

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