One of the best ways of exceeding expectations is by re-framing your routinely good services as memorable experiences for your clients.

When you are good at what you do, it looks easy to do your work. And the better you become,the more routine your work appears.

While this may improve your efficiency, it also raises the very real risk of clients undervaluing your work.

To minimize, if not totally eliminate this risk, shift your clients’ attention from your efficiency to the value that they receive from your service.

The value that clients enjoy is the help they receive in making the transformation from where they are to where they want to be.

By emphasizing this transformation, you will help clients shift from perceiving your work as routine professional services to enjoying a memorable experience.


Regardless of the nature of our service, we help our clients make the transformation from where they are … to where they want to be.

Wanting higher levels of happiness, health, wealth or wisdom, clients look to service professionals for help.

As advisors, coaches, consultants, or whatever else we call ourselves, we draw upon our professional training and experience to help our clients achieve the results they want.

Once clients have chosen the individual they think can best help them, they expect to achieve their desired outcomes. And for the most part, service professionals deliver as expected.

But the bad news is that meeting clients’ expectations is not always enough to ensure repeat and referral business from satisfied clients.

In order to position yourself for repeat and referral business, it’s important to exceed client expectations.

In what way do you exceed clients’ expectations by helping them complete their transformations?