To Improve Your Marketing And …

…Generate More New Business”

Marketing may be the most important business task of all.

Simply put, marketing is whatever we say or do to generate more new business.

It includes everything from advertising through satisfying clients to keeping in touch with everyone who can help your business grow.

Everyone knows it is important: without it, no new clients are brought into the business.

However, for many self-employed professionals and SMEs, marketing seldom receives the kind of attention it deserves.

Apart from monitoring the number of clients or customers and revenue, few professionals and owners take the time to assess the performance of individual marketing components.

If you have even dipped a toe into online marketing, you are aware of the overabundance of tools and techniques to measure and monitor the effectiveness of this approach.

If monitoring online marketing is supported by so many resources, why do we not also monitor the overall effectiveness of our total marketing effort?

The unfortunate reality is that there are few, if any, tools available for professionals to self-assess their total marketing effort. In most cases, if we want to evaluate the performance of individual marketing components is to hire a third party expert to help.

As useful as this approach can be, it can also be both costly and disruptive.

To address this issue, I am pleased to introduce the Marketing Performance Assessment.

This online self-assessment tool can help you improve your marketing and generate more new business.


Online Self-Assessment

The questionnaire addressing 30 marketing issues is both convenient and comprehensive.

Completing this online tool is about as convenient as it gets. You can complete it after reviewing this introduction. Or you can bookmark this page to come back and complete it when it’s more convenient for you.

It’s your choice.

Keep in mind however, that the sooner you complete the assessment, the sooner you can start to generate the increased business that you need, want and deserve. Depending upon your keyboarding speed, you can complete the assessment in 15-30 minutes.

Haven’t you been struggling to get new business long enough?

Comprehensive Review

Addressing issues from basic marketing planning to social media and digital marketing, the questionnaire is also comprehensive. Regardless of whether you are new to marketing professional services or a seasoned veteran, this assessment will help you identify relative strengths and weaknesses.

As a result, you can build on your existing strengths to help generate more business. You can also take steps to address any weaknesses before they become serious obstacles to your ultimate success.


Objective & Subjective

Strange as it may sound, the questionnaire is both objective and subjective.

It is objective in that the questions are based on the marketing experiences of other professionals like you. The questions will help you address the issues that need to be addressed…not just those that you want to address.

Instead of avoiding those issues that you would prefer to ignore, the questions help you focus on those factors that must be addressed if you are to achieve the results you want.

Your responses represent the subjective component of the questionnaire. You know your business operation and marketing activities better than anyone else. Who better to answer questions about your marketing?

Opportunities For Improvement

Assuming that you answer the questions honestly and accurately…and why wouldn’t you?…your responses will produce the best possible overview of the state of your marketing. As a result, you will be ideally positioned to improve your marketing and start to generate more new business.

Once you have completed the assessment, you will receive a copy of your responses. This will help you give more thought to any issues that you may have never considered.

When you review your responses, you may also gain new insights and observations about your marketing…and even better…how you can improve it.

In and of itself, the completed questionnaire will identify a number of opportunities for improvement, improvements that you yourself can bring about on your own and without further ado.

When I receive your completed questionnaire, I will review it to identify relative strengths and weaknesses in preparation for our follow-up coaching session.


Follow-Up Laser Coaching Session

By way of follow-up to completing the assessment, we can have a laser coaching session if you want one. It’s included as part of the assessment.

As you may know, laser coaching typically takes place in a very focused session of about 15 minutes. In this session we will address the top 2-3 priorities arising from the assessment. In each case, we will get to the critical issues…and do it fast.

Positioned To Generate More Business

Following this session, you will be ideally positioned to improve your marketing and generate more business. Drawing upon your own resources you can take the right steps to attract more new clients and generate more repeat business from existing clients.

Who better than you would know the right steps to better marketing for your services? No one else knows how you serve and satisfy clients in your own way. No one other than you appreciates the magic synergy that happens when you work with clients. And clearly, you are the best person to help potentially ideal clients understand how you can help them.


Your Marketing Catalyst

Your laser coaching session will serve as your personal marketing catalyst. It will give you the nudge you need to move your marketing forward, creating the ongoing sustainable flow of new business that you want and deserve.

In combination with the assessment, your laser coaching session represents the most time-effective and cost-efficient tool available for improving your marketing and generating more new business.

Haven’t you wasted enough time and money on marketing, only to generate unsatisfactory results?

Committed to Better Marketing

I am totally committed to improving marketing for self-employed professionals and SMEs. That is the driving force behind my websites, 11 Ebooks and almost 550 LinkedIn posts, all addressing this topic. Hopefully, some of this content helps some members of my online community improve how they market their services.

Realistically, neither I nor anyone else can be all things to all people. That is why this assessment with follow-up laser coaching session will be available only to

  • members of my online community or
  • referrals from other professionals.


The Return of Your Investment

It has long been my belief that the lower the risk of loss, the lower the commitment. For present purposes, this means that few people make total commitments to free services.

To address this issue, there is a fee of $100 USD for each combination of assessment and follow-up coaching session.

That fee is high enough for you to demonstrate your commitment to improving your marketing.

On the other hand, it’s low enough that it won’t seriously disrupt cash flow. It’s also low enough to be affordable for those people who will benefit most from the help.

Depending upon the level of your commitment and follow-up activities, this investment in improving your marketing will be returned several times over in more new and repeat business.

Now it’s your turn. Do want more business for your business? If you do, let’s get on with it. Complete the form and then complete your assessment.

I look forward to working with you.

Larry Easto



You will receive a copy of your assessment immediately after you have completed it.

However laser coaching sessions will be scheduled on a first come first served basis, as determined by the order of completing the assessment.

This means that the sooner you complete the assessment, the sooner we can schedule your laser coaching session. And best of all…the sooner you can start to generate the new business that you need, want and deserve.

Isn’t that something to enjoy…sooner rather than later?



3 Steps to the Marketing Performance Assessment

Step 1: Commit and Confirm

I want to improve my marketing and generate more new business.

Step 2: Make The Investment

Make the investment in improving your marketing by clicking the ‘buy now’ button.  This will take to a secure PayPal server, where you can complete the investment transaction.  The charge will show on your statement as Dabhar Communications.
Buy Now Button

After you have completed this step you will be directed to the Marketing Performance Assessment.  (Should you experience any difficulty in completing the transaction, please contact me so we can sort out the issue.)

Step 3: Complete the Marketing Performance Assessment

You can complete the assessment as soon as you get there.  You won’t need any information that you don’t already have in your head.  Draw upon what you know about your marketing to answer the questions.

In completing the questionnaire, do not over-think or over-analyze the issue.  The right answers are the ones that accurately reflect what you think and how you feel about your marketing.

Once you have completed the assessment, I will be in touch to arrange your laser coaching session.

I look forward to working with you to help generate more new business.

Larry Easto